• Commercial launch of telephony service in Russia
    In the summer of 1882, telephony services were launched in St Petersburg, Moscow and other towns across Russia.
  • The first Automatic Telephone Stations (ATS) were launched
    The USSR’s first urban ATS was opened in Rostov-on-Don. In the early 1930s, automatic telephone stations were set up in Moscow, Leningrad, Novosibirsk, Tashkent, Smolensk and other regions.
  • Formation of Rostelecom
    In June 1990, the joint stock company Sovtelecom was formed based on the assets previously managed by the USSR’s Telecommunications Ministry. Sovtelecom took over responsibility for maintaining and developing the nation’s backbone telecommunications infrastructure. In late 1991, Sovtelecom was transformed into Intertelecom and, a year later, it was renamed Rostelecom. Rostelecom became an open joint stock company in 1993.
  • Formation of Svyazinvest
    Svayzinvest was created in accordance with a Russian Federation Presidential Decree and a Russian Federation Government Regulation. The Company`s capital was formed by consolidating 85 state-owned regional telecom operators, which owned and operated regional and local networks. These smaller, regional players also operated the last mile infrastructure and served residential and corporate clients within their respective regions.
  • Commercial launch of broadband solutions
    Regional telecom operators started to sell broadband Internet services. They offered speeds of 64 Kbit/sec. By the end of 2000, regional telecom operators added 2,500 broadband subscribers.
  • Consolidation of regional telecom operators
    More than 80 regional telecom companies were reorganised by merging into seven large intraregional telecom operators (IRCs).
  • Commercial launch of IPTV service
    The IRCs commercially launched the IPTV service in a number of regions across the country.
  • Start of eGovernment project and launch of eGovernment portal
    Rostelecom was selected by the state as the only operator to design and create eGovernment infrastructure as part of the government’s Digital Russia programme. Rostelecom launched the eGovernment portal gosuslugi.ru, which gives citizens access to information about services delivered by Russian government bodies.
  • First stage of Rostelecom’s reorganisation - merger with IRCs completed
    Formation of the enlarged entity by merging with the IRCs
  • Video surveillance during the Presidential election
    In March 2012, Rostelecom carried out a video surveillance project across the country during the Presidential Election, which was worth RUB13 billion. The project was unrivalled in terms of deadlines and scope of work, proving that the Company is a reliable and technically sophisticated partner in implementing digital, cloud-based, nationwide solutions for B2B and B2G clients
  • Second stage of Rostelecom’s reorganisation - merger with Svyazinvest completed
    On October 1, 2013, Svyazinvest and 20 subsidiaries were merged into Rostelecom to create a single legal entity. The merger eliminated any cross ownership of Rostelecom, resulting in a clear and transparent corporate ownership structure
  • Focus on the core fixed-line business
    The strategy of focusing on the core business – the fixed-line segment – was approved following the appointment of Mr Kalugin as CEO of the Company. Announced that the mobile segment would be developed in partnership with Tele2 Russia.
  • General Partner of the Olympic Games in Sochi
    Rostelecom was a telecom partner of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. For the first time in the history of Olympic Games, Rostelecom organised its TV transmission via ground
  • JV with Tele2 Russia formed
    A joint venture with Tele2 Russia was established to develop the mobile business.
  • Bridging Digital Divide contract
    Rostelecom signed a 10-year RUB 168 billion contract with the Federal Communications Agency to provide high-speed Internet access to 13,800 thousand remote rural settlements with a population of between 250 and 500 people
  • TriplePlay launch
    Rostelecom launched a nationwide triple-play promotion for broadband, pay TV and telephone services. Rostelecom is the only company in Russia to provide all three services in one package nationwide.
  • 25 million households passed with fibre optic network
    Rostelecom passed 25 million households in Russia with fibre optic networks by the end of 2014, providing its customers with Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.

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