26. Other investing and financial gain

  2014 2013
Interest income from finance assets 859 1,194
Dividend income 12 20
Income/(expenses) related to business combinations 24 (2)
Gain on disposal of subsidiaries 25,637 3,308
(Loss)/gain on disposal of other financial assets (64) 96
Loss on change of fair value of financial assets/liabilities through profit and loss (5,496) (492)
l  Impairment of financial assets (307) (17)
Other gains/(losses) 254 (659)
Total other investing and financial gain 20,919 3,448

Gain on disposal of subsidiaries for 2014 includes gain from disposal mobile subsidiaries and the Company’s mobile fixed assets in T2 RTK Holding LLC amounted 25,125, gain from disposal media companies in OJSC Tsifrovoe televidenie ( refer to the Note 8) in the amount of 212, deconsolidation other subsidiaries of 298.

Gain on disposal of subsidiaries for 2013 include income received as a result of GlobalTel deconsolidation in the amount of 3,308.

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